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    April 20, 2013
    2:00 - 2:30pm PDT  

>> one killed, one seriously injured after a massive manhunt. police tracked down the man thought to be behind the boston marathon bombings. the fbi says it interviewed one of the suspects back in 2011 at the request of the russian government. you are watching al jazeera live from london. emergency crews searched through the rubble after an earthquake in china. more than 150 bodies have been found. a low turnout as voters in a rock go to the polls -- iraq go
to the polls. ,taly's reluctant president giorgio napolitano back in the job. it has been revealed the fbi interviewed one of the suspects in the boston marathon bombing. tamerlan tsarnaev was flagged in 2011 for being linked to radical islam. he was killed in a shootout with police on friday. his brother dzhokhar tsarnaev was found hiding in a boat in the backyard of a home in the watertown area of boston. >> just over an hour after area, thee in the sound of gunfire was heard again -- in watertown.
he came after a tipoff from a local resident. >> a man had come out of his .ouse he walked outside and he saw blood on a boat in the backyard. he opened the tarp on the top of the boat and he looked in and saw a man covered with blood. >> helicopter confirmed a man was hiding there. heavily armed forces surrounded the house. the standoff began. and 41 minutes, troops moved in and took him into custody. the 19-year-old was bleeding and taken to a hospital in a serious condition. ,wo hours beforehand investigators announced they had no idea where the suspect was hiding. >> it was a very long, arduous day. you had to worry at every moment that you were not going to capture this suspect and that people would have to worry and be concerned about their own safety. it was great to have it done.
ofhundreds of thousands residents locked their doors while swat teams swept through the city. the public was praised for its cooperation. this is where the manhunt ended. but this is where it all began. officials are minded everyone about the toll. three people killed, hundreds injured with several losing their limbs. one officer killed in cambridge, another injured in watertown. >> tonight there are many unanswered questions. a young manwhy did who grew up and studied here as part of our community and our country resort to such violence ? how did they plan and carry out these attacks, and did they receive any help? >> dzhokhar tsarnaev has been taken into custody alive. and now the legal process begins.
investigators will be desperate to question him about whether he had outside help, how we prepared and carried out the attack, -- he prepared and carried out the attack, and why. still, this thirst for information on the possible motivations. what do we know of the condition of the suspect who was captured last night? >> is under police guard in hospital. their u.s. marshals at his bed. when he was brought in, he was clinging to life. described as stable if not critical. we are turned -- told his condition has turned to stable. is recovering from a massive loss of blood -- he is recovering from a massive loss of blood and we believe gunshot wounds. we do not know if he was told
that he had the right to remain silent and right to attorney. given what the u.s. attorney said at the news briefing on friday night, we suspect that was not the case. they are using a bit of a legality to say, we don't have to because there is a continuing threat. that would be a concern. people like the american civil liberties union are saying that's not the case, this is only used in the narrowest of terms. the fbi has said that the threat is over, and he should be given his rights and the opportunity to legal representation because if he isn't, there is every possibility that he could appeal any court decision against him and say he was not given his full constitutional rights under the law. >> already this row about whether he should have been read his so-called miranda hospital rights.
it really underlines the kind of scrutiny this trial is going to be subjected to once it's underway. ,> the scrutiny for the trial but also the scrutiny of the investigation up to this point. people will be wanting to know why the fbi interviewed the older brother in 2011 at the request of the russian government, who were concerned about his links to chechen separatists. at that point they came back and said there was nothing to worry about. ,s president barack obama said they have to find out why two young men who came to this country 10 years ago, who studied here and seem to be part of the fabric of society then suddenly decided to do what they did. who perhaps radicalize them, who guided them? was there someone dictating what they do?
ity people leave -- believe is too disillusioned people -- two disillusioned young man working on their own. they will not get a chance to speak to him for the next few days at least. >> thank you. david has a bit more. ,his is the capital of dagestan where the parents of the suspect lived. >> the brothers did spend four months here, before the family moved to the u.s. the mother joint the father of the two brothers -- joined the father of the two brothers, saying they were set up and .ramed trad >> he was controlled by the fbi.
my sons were innocent. they knew what he was doing and what sites on the internet he was going. they used to, talk to me. they said they are afraid of him. how could this happen? they were looking at every step of him. this is not true. my two sons are innocent. >> the parents live in a quiet suburb here, and you can imagine the just about every journalist in the city has come to the neighborhood to try to get more interviews with the parents. in the end, we couldn't find them. we spoke to the neighbors instead. they were great and friendly
family. they all studied at school. all the family had excellent marks. there were four of them, all graduated from the law school. >> in my opinion, this did not come from here, all this outrage. they picked it up somewhere else. in china, continuing the search for survivors after a magnitude 6.6 earthquake. nearly 24 hours have passed since the quake struck the sichuan province. more than 150 people have been killed. more than 5000 injured. >> trapped in the rubble of her house, this girl is one of the many people across china's sichuan province whose home has been flattened or badly damaged by the earthquake. the authorities have sent 2000 soldiers to the area.
the premier has flown in to coordinate the rescue efforts. >> emergency services have set up temporary hospitals in the streets to keep the many hundreds of people who have been injured. the epicenter was near where one and a half million people live and where many families have been left homeless and destitute. >> we were living in our old house because our new one has not finished being built yet. but our house has just collapsed. everything collapsed. >> the quake struck at around 8:00 in the morning local time, with a force that shook the earth at least 10 centimeters per second rate the tremor was so strong -- second. the tremor was so strong that many people barely had time to escape. they said it seemed to go on for a long time. >> and lasted about two minutes. i was in the bathroom. it was followed by two
aftershocks. >> this part of china is particularly prone to earthquakes because it is in an area of high seismic activity along a major fault line. it has now been five years since a massive quake struck in sichuan province and killed more than 80,000 people. back then it took the emergency services a long period to establish the full extent of the damage. while this event is not as strong as that, it will be sometime before the final casualty count is clear. q'spolls have closed in ira regional elections. it is the first vote to be held without the help of u.s. authorities after troops old out of the country in late 2011. -- pulled out of the country in late 2011. jane ariba is in baghdad. >> with almost no traffic, kids
on the streets. authorities worried about car bombs and driving's in both cities. it was part of the unprecedented security measures aimed at keeping voters safe. it kept the number of voters down as well. measures werey very difficult. in my neighborhood you had to walk 20 to 25 minutes to get here. >> many others were furious they were left off the voters list. this man said he had been robbed .f his right to vote more than 2000 people are registered as eligible. but only 250 have actually arrived. some came but did not sign their names rea. a lot of people said it was just too hard to get to the polling .tation these elections are a test of .he popularity
the first election since the u.s. troop withdrawal. keeping the polling station safe was also a test of security. >> these raids insured security. aimed atks were people, so they would not go to the polling centers. >> it did not stop the determined, even those who came in wheelchairs. he said he has voted in every iraqi election. our role. to do we should not sit at home and say, no we should not come because of so-and-so. we should come. >> voters dipped fingers in indelible ink to make sure they could not vote again. over is more cynicism whether a new group of elected officials can change anything. the chance tonied vote for decades, dipping a finger in purple ink still has
not lost its thrill. protesters in bahrain are the race, going head. .- formula one race checkpoints have been set up throughout the capital. coming up next, surgeons in uganda come up with a new way to treat babies. .nd back on french soil >> our latest storm system is
finally clearing its way away from the east coast. just gradually nudging away towards the atlantic there. there isn't going to be much of a break before the next system. that is pulling itself together as we head toward sunday. you can see the snow there over parts of canada. this is the next system that will gradually sweep its way southward as we head through monday and into tuesday. look for snow. it is going to bring us more severe weather, potentially some more damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes as well. down towards the southeast, it should stay dry for the time being. as we head across towards europe, we have had some pretty unsettled weather recently. an area of low pressure responsible is not going anywhere any great hurry hurry. on sunday and into monday will still be wet their over many parts of italy and on monday that wet weather will stretch over the other side of the adriatic. this whole area will be very wet, and certainly not feeling warm either.
further north it should be dry and bright. we have more cloud and rain rolling its way across us. if we head down to the northern part of africa, a couple of showers for tunis. >> al jazeera world charts the power play that has dominated modern-day syria, examining the rise